Every Day in May: Days 1 and 2

EDiM 1: Food Food: Defrosting Burger, graphite and watercolor, 8x7.25 in

EDiM 1: Food Food: Defrosting Burger, graphite and watercolor, 8×7.25 in

Day 1 of Every Day in May 2015 is supposed to be a favorite food and although I do enjoy the occasional burger, ground beef isn’t really a favorite eat…but this vacuum-sealed package of defrosting-as-I-drew meat was certainly a favorite to draw.

EDiM 2: Tree (Baby Cherry Tree), ink and watercolor, 4.5x8 in

EDiM 2: Tree (Baby Cherry Tree), ink and watercolor, 4.5×8 in

Day 2’s cue is “A nearby tree” and my next-door neighbor’s adorable little baby flowering cherry called out to be drawn before the puffy flowers fall. I meant to fit the whole tree on the page but I started in ink with the top left branch and drew too big so only the top left side of the tree fit. Oh well.


EDiM 1 and 2: Food (Defrosting Ground Beef) and Tree (Baby Flowering Cherry)

EDiM 1 and 2: Full page in sketchbook, ink and watercolor, 8×10 in 

It felt so good to just draw for fun in my sketchbook again after weeks of working on two commissioned paintings that are finally approaching completion. I needed to get back to playing in my sketchbook again, whether the paintings were finished or not, so EDiM came along just at the right time.

For me, it will probably be more like Every-ish Day… or (Almost) Every Day… or Some Days in May since I have a lot of other things going on this month. However many days it is, any day that I get to draw is a good day!

If you want to join in the fun, check out the Facebook Group or the Flickr Group and click to join. Everyone is welcome to play any time during the month.

EDiM Day 4: Thumb (A-OK)

EDiM #4 Thumb, ink, 5x7 in

EDiM #4 Thumb, ink, 5×7 in

A thumb by itself isn’t so interesting so I drew my hand in the scuba diver’s “OK” position (used to sign to your dive buddy that you’re doing OK). It’s Sunday and I’ve wasted most of it trying unsuccessfully to color correct in Photoshop a photo of a commissioned painting I recently completed and delivered (and as soon as I get it right I’ll post it here).

But I did a drawing of my thumb and I like it and it’s nice weather and my dog is healing and so I’m A-OK.

Every Day in May #3: Umbrellas

EDiM 3, Duck Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5x7.5"

EDiM 3, Duck Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5×7.5″

I did 3 sketches of umbrellas for EDiM 3. Above is my funny folding duck umbrella (meant for children, I think, but it’s been my only umbrella for at least 10 years). First is where it lives in a tall vase and then opened, sitting on the floor where it scared my cats.


20140504_EDiM_3-Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5×7.5 in

The umbrella above sits on the deck outside my studio and shades the big glass door from the hot afternoon sun. It’s actually a much bigger umbrella than it looks in the picture. I got the base from Costco to replace a previous one that cracked over the winter. This one is designed to be filled with sand and bricks by the owner and then assembled (ugh).

It was a lot of work filling it and then screwing on the cover with about 36 screws, especially since my electric drill stopped working and I did it all by hand. Then I couldn’t lift it turn it right side up and had to get the guys next door to help me since it weighs about 125 pounds filled. Even though it’s heavy it rolls really well so I can move it around as needed.

Every Day in May #2: Knife

EDiM 2014 #2 Knife, ink and watercolor 5.5x7.5 in

EDiM 2014 #2 Knife, ink and watercolor 5.5×7.5 in

The cue for day 2 is “Knife” and this is the most recent of a long line of Swiss Army Knives I’ve owned over the years. I carry one with me in my purse or backpack. They come in handy for cutting fruit, opening a can, removing a splinter (there is a tweezers) or screwing in a loose screw.

I’ve had several taken away from me at airports; I forget to take it out of my bag before traveling and the x-ray machine doesn’t lie. Oops.

Every Day in May #1: Window (and Cat)

EDIM 2014 #1-Window. Ink and watercolor, 5x7 in

EDIM 2014 #1-Window. Ink, white Sharpie and watercolor, 5×7 in

Yay! It’s May 1 and that means it’s time for Every Day in May. Each year the Every Day Matters (Facebook) (Flickr) groups posts a list of cues and members commit to doing one drawing a day, all month long. The cue for day one is “Window.” My calico cat Fiona snoozing in her fuzzy bed, on a blanket, in a box from Costco, beneath the window in my home office, on a sunny (too hot) day was fun to draw.

Do you think there are enough prepositions in that last sentence? One of the few things I remember from all the stuff we had to memorize in school was a list of prepositions in alphabetical order. I can still cite them…. “about, above, after, against, along, among, around, at, before, beneath, beside, between…..” But why on earth did we need to memorize that list!!!!???

Every Day in May 21-26: Laugh, Tote, Screw, Joy, Bought and a Map

EDiM 24-25-26, Laugh (Fiona), Tote, Screw,  ink & watercolor, 8x10"

EDiM 24-25-26, Laugh (Fiona), Tote, Screw, ink & watercolor, 8×10″

I’m running out of days in May and pages in my sketchbook so here are two pages with 3 days each. First, “Something that makes you laugh” is watching my silly cat Fiona trying to catch a piece of cotton twine I swing around for her on my bed. It was interesting drawing her standing from the perspective of looking down at her (from a blurry photo of her in motion).

Next is “Draw a Tote Bag.” I was surprised how fun it was to sketch. For “Draw a Screw” I drew this big, rusty screw I found in the garden. It was hard to focus on each turn of the thread so I generalized. It might have been a good concentration exercise to draw each one.

EDIM 21-22-23, Last Thing Bought, Summer Joy, Map

EDIM 21-22-23, Last Thing Bought, Summer Joy, Map

For “Draw the last thing you bought” I sketched the New Wave Palette I bought at Blick’s with a 40% off coupon. I’d never used a hand-held palette before and I’m liking it. Next is “A Summer Joy.” I tried to draw the water drops on the window of the studio on a rare and surprising rainy day in May. I should have made the rain drops transparent instead of using a white china marker to create a resist. For “Draw a Map.” I made a map of how to get to the bathroom from the studio.

Only one more day in May but 5 more days of prompts left to sketch. That just means I get to keep going into June. Yay!

Left Palm, Something Owned by Another and Favorite Drink (EDiM 18, 19, 20)

EDiM 18-19-20 Left Palm, Something Owned by Another, Favorite Drink, ink & watercolor, 8x10"

EDiM 18-19-20 Left Palm, Something Owned by Another, Favorite Drink, ink & watercolor, 8×10″

On my left palm above is a kitty toy owned but not loved by my kitties. Their favorite toy is a 2-foot piece of cotton twine that they chase and jump for and carry to bed with them or bring to me to play with them. They were never interested in this toy but since it “belongs to someone else” it fits the Every Day in May challenge.

The other sketch is my afternoon cup of coffee, sitting on a mirror. I only drink decaf now, with just a little stevia in it. I miss my lovely lattes and the energy they gave me, but not the insomnia or headaches when I didn’t have my coffee on schedule.

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