Every Day in May #12: Oldest in Refrigerator; #13: Pillow. Ink & Colored Pencil, 8x10"

Every Day in May #12: Oldest in Refrigerator; #13: Pillow. Ink & Colored Pencil, 8×10″

“The Oldest Thing in Your Refrigerator” was the cue for May 12 and that was easy since there was only one old item in there: a bottle of red wine that was a gift from a vendor at work in 2010. I don’t drink red wine (a migraine trigger and I don’t like the taste anyway).  I can’t re-gift it to anyone since the label is all about the vendor, a printing company. I know red wine doesn’t belong in the fridge but that’s where it lives until I give it away or serve it to a guest who doesn’t mind a random Sonoma County chilled red wine.

May 13 was “Draw a Pillow.” These fuzzy/furry white pillows are a favorite of my calico cat Fiona who likes it when they’re stacked up so she can sit on the highest, softest place in the room like a princess.

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  1. I like your drawings, but would think about regifting that red wine, unless you’re regifting it as red wine vinegar! LOL!


  2. Whilst I’ve been following your EDiM (to some extent) on FB, it was lovely to go through them today. I especially like these two… I’ll come and drink it for you:) & bring a white for you, then we can have a sketch party


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