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Art Pixie, Opera Wordles; Frog, Donkey Dreams

Wordle Opera, Pixie and Frog and Donkey Dreams illustrations
Wordle Opera, Pixie; Frog and Donkey Dreams (Click image and then click again to enlarge)

Such fun for these two days of Wordles and dreams. Above is the 2-page spread. Please don’t miss the close ups of the individual pages with the dreams, stories (and even music and dance) about the illustrations (Below).

Art Drawing Ink and watercolor wash Sketchbook Pages Wordles and Pictures

Wordle BELIE and LEMON + Dreams

Wordle BELIE and LEMON and Criminal Dreams (click twice to enlarge)

Above is my journal spread with my illustrated Wordles and in today’s dreams, some naughty teens and federal crimes. Below are close-ups of each page with the dream stories.

Art Bay Area Parks Drawing Dreams Ink and watercolor wash Sketchbook Pages

Wordles and Pictures: Back to Journaling

Sketches of two dogs and a lady in a dress as illustrations for Wordle “Adopt” and “Frock”
Daily Dreams and Wordles Illustrated (Frock and Adopt)

When I started my blog, in 2006, it was an illustrated daily journal where I shared my world and my creative journeys through many different media. Now I’ve returned to my journaling roots and I’ve found inspiration from a surprising source: the daily Wordle puzzle, which I solve and then illustrate each day.

A view from my favorite park along the SF Bay, Point Isabel

While my journeys may have become more interior thanks to the pandemic, illustrating where my imagination and dreams take me keeps me entertained. But I’m also including sketches from places I go in real life, like Point Isabel above, a huge park along the SF Bay where dogs can run free, roll in the grass, splash in mud puddles and rinse off in the bay.

Wordle: Unlit and Dance

I’m using a page-a-day Hobonichi “Cousin” journal with weird, very thin, lightly-gridded paper along with fountain pens, drawing pens, watercolors and Tombow markers.

I will share more about the materials as I get the backlog of 3 months of journaling, dreams, Wordles and pictures posted.

Sketchbook Pages

Sktchy Guys

More sketches inspired by the interesting characters who post their photos for artists to draw on the Sktchy app. Many of them are artists too. All done on Procreate on the iPad.

Sketchbook Pages

Mouths, Lips, Teeth

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing practice to improve my people portrait drawing skills. Mouths and teeth are the most challenging I think of all the features. All done in Procreate on the iPad.

More mouths!

Sketchbook Pages

Millie at Rest: Doggie Eyes and Noses

Millie at Rest, Sketched in Procreate on the iPad
Millie at Rest, Sketched in Procreate on the iPad

Sketching my dear little Millie, the Formosan Mountain Dog, a rescue from Taiwan and always a source of inspiration for drawing, painting, and getting out in nature every day for a walk.

Art Sketchbook Pages

Sketching TV: Project Runway People

I’m going to be posting daily in order to catch up with a bunch of work done previously and never posted. Then I can be current everywhere instead of just on Instagram and Facebook. So here are some sketches I did from the TV while watching Project Runway’s last season. All were done on the iPad in Procreate last year!  Above and just below the lovely Maragarita from Puerto Rico.