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Every Day in May 21-26: Laugh, Tote, Screw, Joy, Bought and a Map

EDiM 24-25-26, Laugh (Fiona), Tote, Screw,  ink & watercolor, 8x10"
EDiM 24-25-26, Laugh (Fiona), Tote, Screw, ink & watercolor, 8×10″

I’m running out of days in May and pages in my sketchbook so here are two pages with 3 days each. First, “Something that makes you laugh” is watching my silly cat Fiona trying to catch a piece of cotton twine I swing around for her on my bed. It was interesting drawing her standing from the perspective of looking down at her (from a blurry photo of her in motion).

Next is “Draw a Tote Bag.” I was surprised how fun it was to sketch. For “Draw a Screw” I drew this big, rusty screw I found in the garden. It was hard to focus on each turn of the thread so I generalized. It might have been a good concentration exercise to draw each one.

EDIM 21-22-23, Last Thing Bought, Summer Joy, Map
EDIM 21-22-23, Last Thing Bought, Summer Joy, Map

For “Draw the last thing you bought” I sketched the New Wave Palette I bought at Blick’s with a 40% off coupon. I’d never used a hand-held palette before and I’m liking it. Next is “A Summer Joy.” I tried to draw the water drops on the window of the studio on a rare and surprising rainy day in May. I should have made the rain drops transparent instead of using a white china marker to create a resist. For “Draw a Map.” I made a map of how to get to the bathroom from the studio.

Only one more day in May but 5 more days of prompts left to sketch. That just means I get to keep going into June. Yay!

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Wonderful works with an honest ingredient of narrative style about the pic and your connection with it. Love your work,, it always takes me to one or a few child hood memories,,,

Thank you very much


I really enjoyed all your sketches along with their stories. I laughed that you drew the whole paycheck, um, I mean whole foods tote bag but you don’t show there. (Who can afford to?)


I used to use the Moleskine journal (one with the green label), and it takes watercolor, but it does warp. I used every single page, front and back and loved how “used” the book looked when I was done. I have a friend who uses the same one, and she tapes every other page together, which keeps the pages flatter. The regular Moleskine sketch (blue label) does really well with Tombow/Pitt Brush Pens/Brushables markers. That’s what I use now.


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