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Every Day in May #3: Umbrellas

EDiM 3, Duck Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5x7.5"
EDiM 3, Duck Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5×7.5″

I did 3 sketches of umbrellas for EDiM 3. Above is my funny folding duck umbrella (meant for children, I think, but it’s been my only umbrella for at least 10 years). First is where it lives in a tall vase and then opened, sitting on the floor where it scared my cats.

20140504_EDiM_3-Umbrella, ink & watercolor, 5×7.5 in

The umbrella above sits on the deck outside my studio and shades the big glass door from the hot afternoon sun. It’s actually a much bigger umbrella than it looks in the picture. I got the base from Costco to replace a previous one that cracked over the winter. This one is designed to be filled with sand and bricks by the owner and then assembled (ugh).

It was a lot of work filling it and then screwing on the cover with about 36 screws, especially since my electric drill stopped working and I did it all by hand. Then I couldn’t lift it turn it right side up and had to get the guys next door to help me since it weighs about 125 pounds filled. Even though it’s heavy it rolls really well so I can move it around as needed.

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