EDiM 1: Food Food: Defrosting Burger, graphite and watercolor, 8x7.25 in

EDiM 1: Food Food: Defrosting Burger, graphite and watercolor, 8×7.25 in

Day 1 of Every Day in May 2015 is supposed to be a favorite food and although I do enjoy the occasional burger, ground beef isn’t really a favorite eat…but this vacuum-sealed package of defrosting-as-I-drew meat was certainly a favorite to draw.

EDiM 2: Tree (Baby Cherry Tree), ink and watercolor, 4.5x8 in

EDiM 2: Tree (Baby Cherry Tree), ink and watercolor, 4.5×8 in

Day 2’s cue is “A nearby tree” and my next-door neighbor’s adorable little baby flowering cherry called out to be drawn before the puffy flowers fall. I meant to fit the whole tree on the page but I started in ink with the top left branch and drew too big so only the top left side of the tree fit. Oh well.


EDiM 1 and 2: Food (Defrosting Ground Beef) and Tree (Baby Flowering Cherry)

EDiM 1 and 2: Full page in sketchbook, ink and watercolor, 8×10 in 

It felt so good to just draw for fun in my sketchbook again after weeks of working on two commissioned paintings that are finally approaching completion. I needed to get back to playing in my sketchbook again, whether the paintings were finished or not, so EDiM came along just at the right time.

For me, it will probably be more like Every-ish Day… or (Almost) Every Day… or Some Days in May since I have a lot of other things going on this month. However many days it is, any day that I get to draw is a good day!

If you want to join in the fun, check out the Facebook Group or the Flickr Group and click to join. Everyone is welcome to play any time during the month.

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  1. Lovely start Jana. I’m doing Every Dayish in May 😀 Glad you enjoyed this play time. I look forward to your other EDiM sketches.


  2. 🙂 I like both of them very much! The cherry blossoms are alive 🙂
    HAPPY Sunday 🙂


  3. Playtime is so important!


    • Yes! I can get so serious about painting and it’s so wonderful to stop and remember that being an artist has to be equally about play and study!


  4. Happy May Day to you Jana – love your sketches!


  5. Defrosting ground beef was great 🙂 I love your artistic take on everyday occurrences.


    • Oh thank you! It was actually a breakthrough sketch for me–seeing the shapes of the wrinkles, darks and lights on the packaging instead of “this is meat,” “this is plastic” etc. was exciting to me.

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  6. Great job on the defrosting meat…is that from Trader Joes? It has been years since I have a done a every day in May….thanks for the reminder!


    • Thanks Rebecca. Yep. Trader Joes Grassfed beef from New Zealand. Are you going to start EDIM? It’s so fun! I thought I’d only do it here and there, but I’m really enjoying it and the drawing practice is great!

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  7. Lovely drawings, as always! Looking forward to seeing your commissioned works. Happy May!


    • Oh Marian, I’m looking forward to seeing them too. I’m not sure if I’m stuck in a perfectionistic loop but it’s taking me forever to get them to the finish line. I’m definitely enjoying this fun daily sketching detour.


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