EDiM 16-17, Something that Scares You (Back Pain) and Something from First Aid Kit, ink & watercolor 8x10"

EDiM 16-17, Something that Scares You (Back Pain) and Something from First Aid Kit, ink & watercolor 8×10″

The Every Day in May cue #16 was “Draw something that scares you.” And I was mighty scared when I drew this because my back was in terrible pain. A couple times a year an old back injury flares up and I get really scared the pain will never go away. Fortunately it does, with good care and treatment. The funny crosses on my back above are special tape that my physical therapist put on my back to keep me from moving in directions that would make the pain worse. It really helped.

After a week of using the items in the drawing, “Something from the first aid kit” (pain relievers, ice packs including good old frozen peas) plus two appointments with my brilliant physical therapist Christine at Physical Therapy Innovations, my back was nearly back to normal.  I was able to go to my holiday weekend getaway in Santa Cruz and return home in good shape, even with two 2-hour drives.

Yay! Life is good again and now I can get caught up on the Every Day in May project and back to painting in the studio and plein air.

Drawing, Every Day Matters, Ink and watercolor wash, Life in general, Sketchbook Pages
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  1. great post, great drawings. Glad your back is better.


  2. your sketches are wonderful – even when they’re about pain. Stay well!


  3. Hi Jana, I am so glad for you that your back is in recovery mode!! What a great physical therapist you have. I had not seen the taping idea before. Great illustrations! Blessings always, C-Marie


  4. Sorry you have suffered with your back. I get that every so often, eventually it recovers, but I hate the waiting for it to recover process 🙂


  5. Hope your feeling better, have back problems also and there are times I cant move half a shoulder neck and 2 discs so Im inpain a lot. The back is the orst my best to you,


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