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EDiM 14-15: Draw a Figurine (Buddha & Poodle), Draw a Pencil

EDiM 14-15: Draw a Figurine, Draw a Pencil. Ink & watercolor, 8x10"
EDiM 14-15: Draw a Figurine, Draw a Pencil. Ink & watercolor, 8×10″

I thought the Buddha with the curly hair* was a nice match with this little poodle figurine  I sculpted years ago to be part of a chess set, with dogs on one side and cats on the other. The poodle with her little pink handbag and manicured nails is the last remaining piece (of the six I made before losing interest in the project). She she sits on my altar beside Buddha and a little plastic lamb I found in the street.

Maybe someday I’ll return to the chess set project, though I don’t really need one since I don’t play.

The pencil I drew is actually a chunky wooden lead holder. I like it more for its aesthetic value than as a pencil.

*I know Buddha didn’t have curly hair. According to legend the lumps on his head are snails who crawled up there to keep him cool and protect his head while he meditated in the hot sun all day long.

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Fingers Crossed: Where I Voted & Cool Election Night Live Sketches

Bodhisattva, ink & watercolor sketch
Bodhisattva, ink & watercolor sketch

Now that we’ve voted, all we can do is pray for the best possible outcome. This beautiful bodhisattva (a being that compassionately refrains from entering nirvana in order to save others and is worshipped as a deity in Mahayana Buddhism) is life-size and greets visitors in the entry hall in the home of a friend of mine.

Polling Place-Richmond Korean Baptist Church, ink & watercolor
Polling Place-Richmond Korean Baptist Church, ink & watercolor

My polling place moved from the senior center a few blocks away to a neighboring area I didn’t know existed so it was an interesting walk there. It got even more interesting when trying to follow my iPhone’s new BAD map program that speaks turn-by-turn directions. It got me there OK but totally messed up on the way home.

Election Night Sketches

If you’re reading this on November 6, check out Wendy McNaughton’s blog. She’s live-blogging her sketches from NPR headquarters and they’re wonderful. I think you have to refresh the page occasionally to keep up with her sketches.