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Michigan Moron Kidnappers Mugshot sketches

Michigan Moron Mugshot Sketches

When I saw the mugshots of the morons that plotted to kidnap Michigan’s governor, I had to draw them. The weird thing about drawing someone is that in the process you begin to see… (Click image to read more)

Christiane Vex, Sktchy, graphite 10x10"

Learning Loomis; Drawing Heads Part 1

I recently finished a 4-week class on Sktchy’s Art School, “Drawing the Human Head with Mike Creighton” based on the Loomis method. I highly recommend Mike’s class if you struggle with making people look like actual human people, let alone looking like very specific people. Below are some first attempts at drawing people early in the course…

Stella from Sktchy, 8x6” colored pencils

Stella! Back to Sketching Sktchy People

This was the last portrait sketch I did before beginning on some intensive head drawing study. More about that coming up on my next posts, but wanted to get this one from over a month ago posted first. You can see the reference photo by clicking on my sketch on Sktchy here.


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