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HEADY & DEBUG: Wordles & Dreams

Wordles: HEADY and DEBUG. Everything from Hollywood glamor girl Heddy Lamarr to fighting ants and dreams of art, dogs and desserts.

HEADY (Lamar) and DEBUG
Wordle: HEADY (Lamarr); and Dream: Fat Rottweiler

Hedy (Hedwig) Lamarr was a beautiful Austrian-American film actress during Hollywood’s Golden Age. In the dreams above, I was hanging out in cafes with friends. One had his Rottweiler with him and the other was handing out chocolate.

Wordle: DEBUG and dream of drawing flowers inside a rectangle

Although the word DEBUG is meant to apply to computer programs, I thought of my battles with ants over the years. I seem to always have lived atop a giant ant hill.

PSA: ant spray is not the solution. Terra Ant Baits actually work to wipe out the whole ant crime family. It gets worse for about a week before it gets better, but then it’s very effective.

The dreams were fun: drawing flowers inside a rectangle and donating art instead of cookies for a fund raiser.

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