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Another Week of Wordles and Dreams

A week’s dreams and Wordles ALTER, BLURB, TASTY, SCOLD, CROSS

Wordle: ALTER, BLURB plus dreaming of journals

The left page above was personal. I had just had surgery (with stitches still in place) to fix my vision-impairing eyelids so a self-portrait with stitches seemed like a perfect fit for Wordle: ALTER.

On the right, the Wordle was BLURB so I shared a blurb I wrote about “The Foundling” by Ann Leary. You can click twice to see an enlarged version to read my blurb/review.

Please keep reading below for another week’s worth of journal pages.

Wordle: CROSS and Dreams

For Wordle: CROSS I drew a cross-eyed girl.


  1. (not illustrated) Boyfriend has “insider’s” card at Radio Shack.
  2. Dogs and their owners fighting.
  3. Tree on a hill caught fire and homeowner spraying it with a hose.
  4. Safeway supermarket parking lot is filled with snow and it’s snowing on Solano Ave. (It doesn’t snow here but it was really cold in my bedroom).
Wordle: SCOLD and Dreams

For Wordle SCOLD (above) I used a quote about being a writer by Roald Dahl: “The writer has to force himself to work…there is nobody there to scold him…”

Dreams (above):

  1. Eating cheese puffs made of wire mesh
  2. The floors in my house are being refinished but they are all buckled, the finish is pooling and they’re going to have to be ripped out.
Wordle SCOLD Re-Do with Crow and Dreams

I wasn’t happy with the first version of SCOLD so I redid it with a scolding crow and was happier with it. There is a crow couple that come visit me daily for the cashews and almonds I put out for them. They scold other crows who try to partake.

Dreams (above):

  1. I lost my dog Millie (not really) so I got a Corgi. My sister Marcy kept feeding him eggplant and I told her to stop it and give her some of her lamb. She said no, it was for her birthday.
  2. A wealthy Las Vegas couple had a house that you entered through a room with walls and floors made of speckled purple rubber and then a huge carpeted dog kennel.
Wordle: TASTY

And that’s a wrap! From here on out expect just one two-page spread per post.

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