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A Week in My Journal: Wordles and Dreams

Today I’m sharing a week of journal pages to (try to) catch up in a new blog post on JanasJournal. My favorite funny dream stories are on the last page.

Wordle: ELUDE and Dreams: Coyote Ranch

Today I’m including a week of journal pages to (try to) catch up. You can click twice on any image for a larger version. My favorite funny dream stories are on the last page below.

Wordles: MATEY and ELUDE and dream of a coyote podcast and ranch

Above, left: Wordle was MATEY. I drew an obituary photo for a Ms. Doris Matey and an “Ahoy Matey Dahlia.”

Dreams that day:

  1. A guy took my spot at a shared art studio
  2. Shopping for a water brush in an old car repair garage
  3. My sister and my niece looking like each other

Above, right: Wordle was ELUDE so I drew a kitty eluding capture.

Dream: two guys had a podcast about coyotes at their coyote ranch (and some other stuff I didn’t draw–zoom in on text in photo if you care).

Wordles: COUNT and MAIZE plus Dreams of helping and inventions

Above, left, Wordle: COUNT (sketch is from a movie poster). Dream: helping a friend carry heavy stuff at a ceramics studio where she was stealing clay.

Above, right, Wordle: MAIZE.

Dream: Pet product invention that “contains two kinds of walks and a rectangular glass container.” Very useful I’m sure!

Wordles: BEEFY and WORRY; Dreams: my stuff in a suitcase and a safe

Above, left, Wordle: BEEFY (Beefsteak tomato).

Dream: trying to get my stuff home from my sister’s “snotty friend’s” parent’s apartment.

Above, right, Wordle: WORRY. I drew my beloved grandma who we called a “worrywort” because she worried about everything, all the time.

Dream: hiding a work laptop in a hotel safe.

Wordles: FLIRT, FISHY and dreams

Above, left, Wordle: FLIRT so I drew a cute flirty girl.

Dreams I drew that day were:

  1. Bringing bottles of hand lotion to the homeless (just what they need?!).
  2. Guy with 70s hair at gas station asks me to help him fix his truck and I tell him first I have to go into the store. The ladies in the store tell me that’s just a pick-up line. I tell them, no problem, he’s way too short for me.

Above, right, Wordle was FISHY which reminded me of that great quote about houseguests attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

The dream: “Two guys want me to eat their poisoned macaroni and cheese to get their guns back.” (huh?)

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