Mx. Moon, Imaginary Society Lady

Mx. Moon from Sktchy, graphite on paper, 10×8″

Mx. Moon’s photo on Sktchy (here) led me to imagine I was drawing a distinguished, fine society lady from the 1800s or would it be 1900s? Or 1940s? I don’t know what era, but the photo transported me to another time.

I originally was referring to her as Ms. Moon but then noticed on Sktchy their pronouns were they/them so I had to look up the appropriate honorific and it’s Mx. I learned something new. (On Sktchy they go by simply “Moon”). I hope they don’t mind that I’m referring to them as a society “lady.”

This wasn’t too hard to draw because for once the reference photo wasn’t a distorted selfie, although the angle of her head with the camera far below her face, looking up made it an interesting challenge.

Art Drawing Faces Sktchy

Sketch of Zoey K.

Zoey K from Sktchy. Graphite on copy paper. 8 x 8 inches.

My pencil drawing can’t do justice to her bright red hair (see her photo on Sktchy here) but I’m still limiting myself to pencil to improve my portrait drawing skills.

I’m trying to work out how to address the distortion that is in almost every selfie because of the wide angle lens held close to the face. Perhaps the best solution is to just go with it and not worry about realism. Maybe everyone is used to seeing each other via selfies and that’s what we think people look like now anyway?

Art Drawing People Sktchy

Cozy Sleepers on a Rainy Day

Cozy Sleepers on a Rainy Day
Cozy Sleepers on a Rainy Day, graphite on copy paper, 11×8.5″

I’m not quite as relaxed as these two but now that competent grown-ups are in charge of the USA again I feel like I can relax a bit and focus on something other than the news.

It’s been rainy and windy in the SF Bay Area and it’s so cozy being home, with time to draw, bake bread and make soup.

I miss seeing my family but I’m lucky that I enjoy my own company and being alone. I’m hopeful that by this time next year we will be able to stop social distancing and start being social again.

Art Drawing Faces People Sktchy

Fun Portrait Sketch of Pulcherie

Pulcherie, Graphite pencil on recycled printer paper, 11 x 8 inches
Pulcherie, Graphite pencil on recycled printer paper, 11 x 8 inches.

This portrait of Pulcherie was so fun to sketch! According to her Sktchy profile, she is a French artist living in China. You can see the original photo reference on Sktchy here.

It’s always such a gift when a drawing just goes well! I was able to do this one in a couple of hours while listening to Barack Obama’s latest (audio) book that he narrates. I never noticed before that he had a slight lisp but I’m sure I’m hearing one on the S-sounds when he reads aloud from his book.

Art Drawing People Portrait Sktchy Sktchy

Calm, Gentle Bette

Quick Sketch of Bette G. from Sktchy, graphite on Xerox paper, 11x8 inches
Quick Sketch of Bette G. from Sktchy, graphite on Xerox paper, 11×8 inches

I’m finding myself attracted to sketching people who radiate peace and kindness which is calming in the midst of all the intensity in the news. This was a quick afternoon sketch from last month. You can see her reference photo on Sktchy here.