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Bits and Pieces (while falling to pieces with a cold)

Sunflower and Pomegranate Studies, oil, 5×10″

After I did these two studies on one piece of Arches Oil Paper focusing on values (started with transparent earth color underpainting), I caught a nasty head cold. I feel super lousy and haven’t had the energy to paint but I’ve done a couple sketches, below.

Pomegranate and persimmons on a brick. 2B pencil in 8x10 moleskine.
Pomegranate and persimmons on a brick. 2B pencil in 8×10 moleskine.

Drawing helped take my mind off my sneezing and nose running like a river.

FarhooD S via Sktchy app. graphite, 11x8
FarhooD S via Sktchy app. graphite, 11×8″

I think I made his hand too small. Here’s his photo on Sktchy:

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Your oil paintings are fantastic, I hope your head feels better soon, feeling poorly is miserable. Great that you still managed to do some pencil drawing. I love Sktchy app, finding it great when my mind is blank then ‘BaM ‘it is full to the brim with inspiration, infact I have hundreds of photos in my queue! …you could re do some of the hand, it looks like the fingers all touch the edge of the jacket collar, so maybe not a big correction. Superb ❤️


Thanks Rebecca! Sorry it took so long to reply. It took me way too to get over being sick. Your suggestion and observation are good. Probably not a big correction like you said. But I’m also learning to accept how things turn out and start another and try to do better the next time.

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Thanks Rebecca. So sorry for the very late reply. I really appreciate your feedback and I agree, Sktchy is wonderful for those times when inspiration fails because it’s only momentary. As soon as I start looking through Sktchy I’m inspired again right away!

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I’m impressed you can do any work at all feeling so sick💜

Thank you, Nicole Carrier-Titti



Hope that you’ll feel better soon!
The sunflower is superb! Thought I was looking at a photo at first. Just wonderful!


Hi Jana, I pray that you are well soon!! The sunflower is beautiful!! Its values are perfect!! Nice pomegranate and really nice pencil drawing!

Re: the portrait, I think it is that his shoulders are a bit off in their slant and size. His left shoulder seems to be turned towards us and his right shoulder from neck down is so slanted, that it gives the impression that that arm is thin. Regarding space on the paper, maybe the seam of the jacket for his right shoulder would show better if it was not shown, but left that it exists further on. His hand in the photo has more character to it, veins and knuckles.

I should critique!! Your work is wonderful. The indomitable spirit, sick or not, here comes art!!!!! Beautifully done!
God bless, C-Marie

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