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Less Struggle, More Sunflowers

I’m still trying to figure out sunflowers. I hate to quit until I’ve succeeded so decided to give it another try. Below are the steps in the process for this one.

Sunflowers #4, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 12x9"
Sunflowers #4, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 12×9″

I’m still trying to figure out sunflowers. I hate to quit before I’ve succeeded so decided to give it another try, continuing from the four attempts in my last post. Off I  went in search of fresh sunflowers. After striking out at the first two shops, I decided that if they didn’t have any in the next store I would put an end to the sunflower project. But freedom was not yet mine; they had sunflowers.

Below are a couple steps in the process. This time I didn’t spend as long sketching or blocking in and I made a point of starting with darker tones which I think helped. I get fooled by the concept of “yellow” and have trouble really seeing how dark yellow can be in the shadows.

And believe it or not, I’ve started yet another sunflower painting that will be the last one for a while. I’m desperate to get back to portraits and a still life I have in mind.

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Hi Jana, Right off the top, I love your sunflower set-up and your tenacity. My eye keeps going to the lower flower at the left, perhaps due to the difference in size of the seed bearing centers between it and the flower looking right at us. A very good start.
Love seeing your work!! God bless, C-Marie


A very nice improvement from your last paintings Jana. I have to disagree with Nickie though, your values still need work. Of course, I am comparing your painting with the photo and I know there is always differences from photo to life. But, the relative difference in value will always be the same. I love the care you have taken in describing each flower and all its petals and I’m sure the yellow would meet the intensity I see in the photo if it’s surrounding colors were darker.


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