Pomegranate, Persimmons, Brick, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 10x10"

Pomegranate, Persimmons, Brick, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 10×10″

(SOLD) This painting went through so many changes. I started it before I got the awful cold that kept me out of the studio for over a week. I lost my focus while painting the cloth draped in the background and at the end of the day scraped off the afternoon’s work. When I came back the next day, my foam core shadow box had collapsed and was on the floor along with the drapery and the LED light that I’d perched atop on a piece of plexiglass. Fortunately the brick held steady as did the fruit.

That accident gave me the opportunity to try a different background. I removed the white paper I’d been using to cover the black walls of the shadow box and painted the now darker background. I had fun painting the persimmons and the brick and I think I did a good job understanding them; the pom not so much. It  should have a more geometric, boxy shape, not be so rounded.

Below are the stages in trying to get this thing painted, along with the set up as it changed. Click on an image to see full picture, scroll over images to read captions.


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  1. Hi Jana, Your greens are wonderful!!! The lower orange persimmon’ reflection on the brick is so beautifully subtle. The only possible change would be to smooth out the reddish persimmon, but maybe the way it is, is true. I just brought a reddish one home from the store a few days ago as I am letting it dessicate at room temperature in there. We’ll see. Its skin is smoother appearing.

    Thank you again!! I learn from your work. Have been laid low with a compression fracture, but am working on sunflowers bit by bit. God bless you, C-Marie


    • Thanks C-Marie. The greens were fun! My favorite part is the brick so I’m pleased you noticed that reflection. So sorry to hear about your compression fracture. That sounds painful! Glad you can continue painting and drawing anyway.


  2. Thanks for sharing, love to see the progression, love the dark background really enhances the subject more. lovely painting .


  3. Great post, Jana! I love seeing your setups and work-in-progress.


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