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Back to Sktchy, a Gouache Portrait

Portrait of Dennis J. from Sktchy, Gouache, 12x9 inches
Portrait of Dennis J. from Sktchy, Gouache, 12×9 inches

I’m returning to using Sktchy for my reference photos of people for portrait practice since there is such a wide range to choose from. I’m not abandoning my series of “people Facebook thinks I should know,” but those are less useful for portrait practice, which I’m wanting to do right now.

Can you tell those splotches on his face are light coming in from a window through maybe lace curtains? I can’t post the original Sktchy reference photo off that site, but you can see it by clicking or swiping on my Sktchy painting on Sktchy here if you’re interested.

One thing I love about gouache is that it limits me to working on a painting for only one or two sessions. Unlike oils that can go on being repainted forever, gouache fairly quickly says, “Sorry, no more paint, no more layers, you’re done.” It teaches me to get the drawing down, go for the values and then lay down brush strokes of color and let them be.

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Nice, Jana! Interesting highlights and shadows.

And, I just went to sktchy and found that the comments posted are one or more years older. Seems very odd. Seems that there would be at least some from this year. Also, it looks to be mainly just for phones and not Ipads. Do you know?
God bless, C-Marie


Did you click the link in my post on your computer? It should take you directly to the painting of Dennis in Sktchy and if you click on the picture it should show you the original photo. Other than doing that, I think as you discovered, Sktchy is meant to be used with their app on an iPhone or ipad. But at least they give you the opportunity to link to an image which I hope lets you click and see the original photo. If it doesn’t, lease let me know. If you have an iPhone, it is a fun app to use.


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