Lady in Red (from Sktchy)

While my backyard and the entrance to my studio were inaccessible due to construction I did more drawing and painting on my iPad than on canvas. The 12.9″ iPad is just the right size for me and the Apple Pencil makes it just like drawing with a great pencil or pen except so much easier to erase or start over without fear of “wasting” paper. Here are a few of those sketches from TV and photos.



Digital art, Faces, People, Sketchbook Pages, Sktchy
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  1. I am still amazed by hat a person can do on ipad. I love it all, but especially the lady in red. See you, also, on Face Book, Jana.. So good to be able to keep on following you. You have given us many years of happiness. Annie.


    • Thanks Annie. It is amazing that we’ve been connected this way for so many years. I really appreciate your comments. Knowing you are “out there” makes me keep on posting, which I plan to do more often now, after ignoring the blog because of how much easier FB and IG are to post. But I’m working on catching up and then will post on all at the same time since it’s often different audiences and those of you who have requested to receive my posts in their email are very special to me.


  2. Awesome art. I love them all and really like the Sophie and Grandbaby’s art.


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