Rose in Mom's Antique Yellow Glass Bowl, 8x8" Oil on Panel

Rose in Mom’s Antique Yellow Glass Bowl, 8×8″ Oil on Panel

I’ve been working on doing Alla Prima (all at once) paintings in order to become more decisive about the paint I put down instead of noodling around. It requires getting the drawing right, understanding what I’m seeing and if it fails, starting again instead of trying to keep fixing, which usually goes badly. This was the third attempt at painting a rose in my mom’s yellow glass bowl. The previous attempts and photos of the set up (as the rose opened) are below.

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  1. So lovely, Jana. I am amazed by how you have touched the rose with light
    .I love the way light can touch objects, but it is not easy to do.



  2. I love both rose #1 and your final rose. I know how hard this is to do and how long it takes. I also love the rose sitting in your mom’s antique vase. It is a great composition.

    I have been studying with Karen O’neil at The Art Students League of NY. We use really large brushes and also zoom in on the still life like you did. We mostly use a square canvas (10×10)

    Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to do a rose but intimidated. You have inspired me.


    • Wow Julie! I’m so jealous! Karen O’Neil at ASL! How fantastic!!!! And that you even take the time to look at my work and comment on it is such an honor. Thank you! I’m trying to catch up on stuff I’ve painted over the past several months so I can get to the newer stuff. I neglected my blog terribly, always choosing painting over posting! I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your class. Do you live in NYC or do you commute in for class? I lived in Manhattan many years ago and loved it so much. I’ve been back a couple times and would love to stay there for a few months if I could but it’s not in the cards right now.


  3. I love it! Fabulously done!



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