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Leave It! Lemon and Vinegar

Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar
Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

You know how dog owners shout “Leave it!” when they are about to roll in something stinky or eat garbage off the ground? (the dog, not the owners rolling in it). I’m taking a similar approach with my ink drawings and watercolor sketches.

If the line is wrong, if there’s a typo or the wash comes out funny, I say to myself: “Leave it!” Let it be. Fresh is (almost always) better than Fixed. Mistake is just another word for Interesting.

Do you see what I got wrong in this picture and just left it? (hint–it’s a typo…er… “writeo.”) I showed it to my sketch group and nobody could find it (but maybe it’s because we were in a dark pub?)

This was done for Every Day in May #106: Something sour or tart. I’m loving the extra practice in drawing I’m getting from the EDiM project.

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just thought you were throwing in a little french
i love this approach…fresh is definitely a good thing
for me to keep in mind too, especially when sketching…


Great as it is…..I can remember when my youngest nephew was in a phonics based kindergarten/first grade that just wanted them writing no matter how it was spelled! Appel would have looked fine! and this sketch looks better than that!


Only got it after reading your commentary, and it is fresh and didn’t need a fix.

Now if I can take this lesson to heart, I’ll be happier.


Nice job. I like your sketch. That type of error is easy to miss since we all “read” what it is because of the design of the label rather than actually looking at the words anymore. I’ve misspelled many a time on a painting which I almost never do when I am just writing. Someone said it’s because we are using a different part of the brain than where words are processed.


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