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Copper Pitcher, Copper People


Mom's Copper Pitcher, ink & watercolor
Mom's Copper Pitcher, ink & watercolor


I needed to draw and paint something fun and refreshing after the ordeal with the last oil painting. I reached into my still life cabinet and pulled out this fun little pitcher. This gave me the idea to draw my complete inventory of still life items, one at a time. And that gave me the idea to draw everything I own. I wonder….


BART Snoozing in Copper, ink & watercolor
BART Snoozing, ink & watercolor

The day before I’d drawn these two guys snoozing back to back on BART. The coppery paint mixture worked perfectly for them too.


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I like the idea of drawing everything one owns… sort of a catalogue! I think I will have to take up minimalism before I take on that task, but at least it won’t leave me short of inspiration in the meantime…


It would be an interesting way to submit pictures to the home insurance company! Imagine the looks on their faces? 😀


Oh, scrumptious! The colors, the metallic feel… What a darling little pitcher.
Looking forward to seeing some of your other treasures.



Love that copper pitcher. And how funny that the color worked for the BART guys, too! I’ve been considering the Cult of Less, trying to get everything I own significantly reduced. Maybe THEN I’d try to paint everything I own….


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