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Innocent Vixens

First Camellia of Spring; watercolor, painted directly without drawing first
First Camellia of Spring, Watercolor

Yesterday’s rainy-day post was a bit dreary so I wanted to post something bright and cheery today. When the first camellia on the bush bloomed I painted her directly in watercolor, without drawing in pencil or pen first. This little vase looks as intended; it is nearly flat in really life, probably intentionally squished by the potter, with just a sort of slot in the top.

I think this sketch makes good use of the watercolor paper in “The Mutt” (the name I’ve stenciled on the outside of the sketchbook I bound with watercolor paper.) I named it that because it’s a little homely and imperfect but still perfectly lovable.

Innocent Vixens, the full page
The full page

Here is the page where the above sketch resides. I like to make good use of my sketchbook pages. Lately I’ve been grateful for messed up sketches because they become pages that I use for journaling right over the bad sketch. More about that in another post.

Innocent Vixens(?), BART riders, sepia pen
Innocent Vixens, BART riders, sepia pen

And if you were wondering about the post title “Innocent Vixens,” it was from something I heard on the radio. Someone said “innocent victims” and for some reason my mind wandered to “innocent vixens.” It seemed like a concept that might be fun to sketch someday and I wanted to remember it, so into the journal it went, above these innocent (though a bit dorky) BART subway rider guys.

9 replies on “Innocent Vixens”

Lovely, Jana.

Oh, I do want to hear about journal notes over drawings you don’t like– what a great idea.



OK, that was just a little too funny for early in the AM. I am ALWAYS mis-hearing things and there is never anyone around to tell so I just end up laughing out loud and looking psychotic.

Love the BART riders next to the beautiful flower-a quirky contrast:)


Gorgeous camellia!! You certainly do a wonderful job with a complicated subject–all those petals!! I want to hear about journaling over mistakes, too!


That’s one reason always having a sketch/journal with you is so important. You can remember all those misheard but oh-so-intriguing snippets. I’m sure you will use it well someday. Thanks for the pot idea.


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