Dancing Nude at the Office Party, Ink & watercolor, Moleskine sketchbook, 5x7"

Dancing Nude at the Office Party, Ink & watercolor, Moleskine sketchbook, 5x7"

I dreamed that I was at an office party where dancing was to be done nude. I was having fun, and surprised that I wasn\’t the most embarassed person there. There was a woman who was so self conscious she\’d wrapped herself in a gauzy fabric trying to (unsuccessfully) hide beneath it. The dream was fun but it was even more fun to draw it and just see who appeared beneath my pencil.

I usually like to draw directly in ink but I wasn\’t sure where I was going with this one so started with pencil and then inked over it.

Oh…I guess I should also mention that while my office does have nice parties, dancing nude has never been an option at any of them and, I\’m quite certain, never will be.

Actual sketchbook page:

Nude Party Dream - full page

Nude Party Dream - full page

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  1. Well, it looks like your co-workers are all in fairly good physical shape!

  2. Great to be able to do things in our dreams that we would never, ever think of doing in public. I like the ink and w/c sketch–so much better than a plain ink or pencil sketch.

  3. What a fun sketch! My favorite is the guy with the glasses on the far right, boogying away….

  4. You are quite the zaney artist😉 now what would a therapist think of this ?!?

  5. Welcome back, dreamer! Another fun one, Jana.

  6. Hello Jana
    So did you recognize all the people… and will you blush when you meet them again?

    • Well, I did kind of smirk the next day at work, but actually in my dream
      nobody was recognizable so none of the people in the sketch are either. (A
      good thing since some of my co-workers look at my blog!) Jana

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