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Cereal Dream; Clogged Sink Nightmare

Plink Cereal Dream, ink & gouache, in Moleskine 5x7"
Plink Cereal Dream, ink & gouache, in Moleskine 5x7"

I had a dream last night about a new cereal called “PLINK” that was designed to be eaten at your desk. I think the name of the cereal comes from the sound the computer makes when a new email message arrives.

This morning  when I prepared to do the dishes waiting for me in the sink (OK, not just my breakfast dishes but about three days worth) I discovered it was completely clogged and wouldn’t drain. I poured a teakettle full of boiling water down the drain, thinking that might help, but all it did was fill the sink even more. I left the dishes piled in the mucky water and went to work.

Clogged Drain Nightmare, ink & gouache in Moleskine, 5x7"
Clogged Drain Nightmare, ink & gouache in Moleskine, 5x7"

When I came home I asked my neighbor who knows everything about working on houses, what I should do. He came over with a plunger and spent 15 minutes trying that approach. But instead of emptying the sink, the plunger added what looked and smelled like rusty mud to the water. In a way it was an improvement over the left-over cauliflower scent from last night’s dinner.

After spattering muddy water everywhere he gave up and promised to bring over a drain snake tomorrow night. I tried to look on the bright side: since I couldn’t wash dishes or vegetables, I had a perfect excuse to neither cook nor do dishes.

I had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Not PLINK though,  just Cheerios.

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OMG – thanks for this post! I was just reading it having cleared a sink myself this morning and I was going to ask if you had tried a drain clearing solution when I realised (after hubby said don’t leave it for longer than 10 minutes) that I hadn’t rinsed it and that was 3 hours ago! (And it still isn’t clear!) I think I’ll try a wire coat hanger!

I’m glad to see you writing and drawing about your dreams again, they are fun and so interesting!


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