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All Day Meeting Sketches


All Day Meeting Sketches #1, pencil on notebook paper
All Day Meeting Sketches #1, graphite on notebook paper


We had an all day staff meeting today at our co-director’s home. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with each other, celebrate our accomplishments over the past year and plan for the huge amount of work we’ll be doing over the next year. It was also a chance for some sketching.

The gentleman above rests his finger just below his nose when he’s listening with concentration. (Just had to explain since it looks like he’s doing something else).


All Day Meeting Sketches #2, pencil
All Day Meeting Sketches #2, graphite


I really like the way the woman’s foot in this sketch turned out. She’s quite petite but I think I should have made her legs bigger since they were closer to me.

It felt inappropriate to take out my sketchbook (even though I know I listen well while drawing, I didn’t want others to think I wasn’t paying attention) so I drew in the same cheesy notebook I was using for notetaking. Of course everyone knew I was sketching anyway…

Last year we had our annual all staff meeting in a stuffy conference room. It was so much nicer gathering in a home where we could eat pizza in the backyard and sit in comfy chairs in a pretty living room and kick our shoes off.


Drawing People

Sketches at a Meeting

Meeting People 1
Meeting People 1

It was an important meeting. The participants were brilliant experts in their fields.  Yet I still couldn’t resist sketching my way through the meeting.

Meeting people 2
Meeting people 2

I only had my work notebook and a fat roller ball blue ink pen in the conference room with me. During a break I grabbed a black one but it was still weird to draw with compared to my usual extra fine point pen.

I actually captured a likeness on a couple of these little gesture sketches.