Pomegranates and Corks, oil still life on panel, 10x8"

Pomegranates and Corks, oil still life on linen panel, 10×8″

I’m still having fun painting poms and trying to understand them. Below is the process I used, with photos of the set up. I like starting with a Pitt pastel pencil to sketch in the composition and then go to thinned down transparent oil paint.

I’ve switched back to working on panels again from paper in order to have a slicker surface that allows wiping off more easily than the Arches Oil Paper which is very absorbent.

This painting is available. Click for purchase info on my DailyPaintworks Gallery.

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  1. Really neat. I love seeing your process. The colors on the cork are especially neat

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    • Thanks Nickie. It’s funny how often my background or supporting characters turn out to be the stars of the show, like the brick in the previous painting.


  2. Oh jana, really nice! Thanks for posting the stages of your progress. Im fascinated with your easel set up. What is you panel resting on and how is it stuck there? I like that black surface. Hope you had a good thanksgiving. Kathy w

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    • Thanks Kathy. I have a bunch of pieces of Plexiglas, some white, some gray, some black that I bought at Tap Plastic. They cut them to size for you and they are inexpensive and work great. I just use a few pieces of rolled up masking tape to stick the panel to the plastic and it holds fine. I’ve never had one fall off. This way I can paint all the way to the edges. I’ve tried other devices like the one that Carol Marine uses but I like this better. It’s lightweight and works for any size panel. It also makes it easy to remove and put another piece up without getting paint on my hands or to turn the painting upside down to work on it in a more convenient direction.


  3. 🙂 I love pomegranates and yours look extremely delicious.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂


  4. Very inspiring, I spent plenty of my early 20s painting but with 2 kids it’s one of those things that I rarely make time for nowadays. Love seeing your work, keep it up 🙂


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