Figs on a Grey Plate, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 9x11"

Figs on a Grey Plate, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 9×11″

My fig tree is supplying me with figs that are delicious to look at and to eat. I’m working on simplifying my paintings, aiming from strong values and composition, and trying to stop at “good enough for jazz.” This is so much more fun than trying for perfection and ending up with overworked instead. This painting is available on DailyPaintworks here.

Below are the steps in the progress of this painting and below that some bonus fig sketches. Doing each of these steps (preliminary study, careful redrawing in pastel pencil on Arches Oil Paper or panel, monochrome underpainting to create the value pattern I want, and pre-mixing colors that look pretty together on the palette, is making it much faster and easier to successfully complete the color painting in one go.

Bonus recent fig sketches:

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  1. I love your post and I love figs! It so interesting to see how your work has evolved while I’ve been away.

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    • Thanks Linda. It seems to be evolving in many directions at once. Sometimes I feel like I’m just chasing ideas around (like coming back to still life for a cycle in between portraits). I’m sorry to hear about your injury! It sounds like it made life pretty difficult for quiet awhile, especially trying to paint!


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