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Some Sketchy Sktchy Fun

Candlelight, Gouache portrait for Sktchy, 10x8"
Candlelight, Gouache portrait for Sktchy, 10×8″

I so enjoy the Sktchy App where people post their photos, artists post their sketches of the photos and everybody is so positive and encouraging. Each weekend Sktchy hosts a Weekend Art Extravaganza or “WAX,” which is a cue or art concept to inspire artists to apply to their sketches. Last weekend it was “Candlelight.” I found the inspiring photo below on Sktchy and used it for this painting.

Photo reference for candlelight
Photo reference for candlelight

Do join in on Sktchy if you have an iPhone and want practice drawing people (and their pets and home/cities) from all over the world, all ages, all lifestyles. It’s so much fun!

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I was just talking to my wife about New Masters Academy and the over dramatic poses of all their models. These poses are great for gestures but I was wanting something more true to life. I guess you can’t get more true to life then Sktchy. It looks to be good training in how to deal with bad photography also.

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PS There is a real advantage to the wonderful poses on NMA though since the models know how to put their bodies in interesting shapes with good curves and negative space.


There’s such a wide variety of photos in terms of content and quality, even some nude poses. You can search for things you’re interested in…I just searched for #hats and found some really funny pics that I will have fun drawing.


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