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Ay Chihuahua! Creating Color from Black and White

Chihuahua: Make color from B&W: Gouache, 8x10"
Chihuahua: Make color from B&W: Gouache, 8×10″

When the Sktchy (see previous post) Weekend Art Extravaganza inspiration was to make a color sketch from a black and white photo I found the photo below and couldn’t resist putting a little color in this little guy’s life. I used to make fun of Chihuahuas, comparing them to rats (which can also actually make good pets if you don’t mind the smell). But after a couple of friends adopted chihuahua mixes, I have come to really appreciate their funny and quirky personalities.

B&W Photo Reference
B&W Photo Reference

2 replies on “Ay Chihuahua! Creating Color from Black and White”

I love the color boost you gave this picture! You are inspiring me to try out Sktchy…downloaded the app and promptly forgot about it! Your art is really changing with your work on portraits!


Thanks Carol. Oh, please do join us there! It’s so much fun! But I understand about having one more app, one more art thing to try. I’m glad you see my art changing, hopefully in the right direction!


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