EDiM 5-6-7: Hot, Bristles, Envelope, ink and watercolor, 8x10

EDiM 5-6-7: Hot, Bristles, Envelope, ink and watercolor, 8×10

May 5 was “Draw Something Hot.” I went for the obvious, a cup of hot tea because I like this cup and I was short on imagination and time due to some “first world problems” (iPhone went bad and required way too many wasted hours to restore it).

May 6 was “Something with Bristles.” I wanted to draw the odd, bristly whiskers under my dog’s chin but she wouldn’t hold still long enough. Instead here’s a bristly bottle brush with a bonus soft cotton tip. I bought it to clean something I apparently no longer own since I haven’t used it in years and can’t remember what it was for. I created the bristles by painting in watercolor and then adding white gel pen.

May 7 was “Envelope” and this is the Mothers Day card and envelope I sent to my mom after I sketched it.

Drawing, Ink and watercolor wash, Sketchbook Pages, Still Life
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  1. Beautiful watercolor images Jana, these simple objects are lovely.


  2. That’s rather neat that you added an element with each passing day to the same piece 🙂


  3. love your bottle brush..overall ,very nice homely feel, I love that you made your Mums mothers day card, that is so nice. and also love you can see the art from the simple things in life. Keep it going.


    • Thanks Janette. I love the bottle brush too. It surprised me when it came out so 3-D looking. I do usually make Mothers Day and other greeting cards myself but this year I saw one that was so pretty and perfect I bought this one instead. And then I called my mom today and found out the post office let us down and didn’t get it to her in time even though I mailed it at the post office a few days ahead and we’re both in California!

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  4. Great combination of prompts. Lovely drawing.


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