Every Day in May 4: Spice Bottles, ink and watercolor, 8x5 in

Every Day in May 4: Spice Bottles, ink and watercolor, 8×5 in

I have a whole rack of Penzeys spices but these are my favorites that sit out on the counter for daily use. Their pepper is nothing like the tasteless stuff from the supermarket; it has wonderful flavor and I put it on almost everything. Their cinnamon is sweet and delicious and the Sandwich Sprinkle is great on salads, veggies and meat.

Every Day in May 3: Curtain, ink and watercolor, 8x10 in

Every Day in May 3: Curtain, ink and watercolor, 8×10 in

I have such a tiny bathroom I had to sit on the sink to draw this. My favorite part was drawing the funny patterns on the glass blocks in the window. When I remodeled the bathrooms in my duplex I requested glass blocks in the shower and a window that opens set inside the glass blocks. The wavy glass was fun to draw and is meant to provide privacy but in reality, it’s not perfect. Good thing the neighborhood doesn’t have a few of the window! Also featured in the sketch is my Black and Decker dog washing shower attachment that makes it super easy to wash my dog and she loves hopping in the tub for her spa treatment.

Every Day in May 3-4: Curtain and Spice Bottles, ink and watercolor, 8x10 in

Every Day in May 3-4: Full page, 8×10 in

Food sketch, Ink and watercolor wash, Interiors, Sketchbook Pages
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  1. I love these whimsical drawings. They give me a warm cosy feeling. Simple, intimate and fanciful! I like how you kept them simple – and yes, the glass in both pictures was interesting ( the tiles and the salt shaker) Gave me this feeling of life through wavy glass….

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    • Thanks Chris! Hmmm…interesting thought…life through wavy glass. Could be a whole series of paintings…things as viewed through glass of different kinds. I do love painting glass!


  2. Just stumbled upon your art via Pinterest and love it. Very inspiring. 🙂


  3. Sounds like one spoilt pooch …Lucky girl or boy! that’s one way to get a dog to take a bath.


    • Ha ha. You’re right. She’s definitely a spoiled girl! But she provides me with so much fun and laughter and exercise that it’s all worth it!


  4. Awesome drawings!


  5. I love these!!


  6. The tabasco bottle really catches me eye. It’s quite realistic and I love the red color you used there.


  7. Really nice, Jana! Just love the ink and watercolour combinations. Been busy straightening my “art room”, but it is time to stop being busy about that and to get to back to enjoying! Blessings always, C-Marie


    • I know what you mean about getting busy straightening vs doing the artwork. This morning I purged my closet when I could have been painting but organizing sounded less scary, given the two paintings working their way through the ugly stage.


  8. Especially love the glass and the top on the salt shaker! Great drawing! You are so talented.


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