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End of Journal Self Portrait

I’ve been doing more oil painting than sketching lately so it’s taken longer than usual to fill my journal and get to the last page that I always save for a self portrait. Below is a little gallery of self-portrait end-of-journal sketches since 2009.

End of Journal Self Portrait, graphite, 8x5"
End of Journal Self Portrait with New Glasses, graphite, 8×5″ 11/2014

I’ve been doing more oil painting than sketching lately so it’s taken longer than usual to fill my journal and get to the last page that I always save for a self-portrait (above). It’s interesting how each sketch in the collection below shows a progression upwards in age and (occasionally) in skill and how only bits of them resemble me at all. Also interesting how many of them were done on days I was feeling grumpy and/or tired (probably wisely choosing to sketch myself instead of working on something that “mattered” when I felt that way).

Below is a little gallery of self-portrait end-of-journal sketches since 2009. You can click on any image to see it larger, if you must.

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Wow! What a compelling set of self portraits. I think you’ve captured many aspects of yourself. The group read like a narrative of a few years of your life. Thanks for sharing these. Your work is so lively!


Thanks Joy. I like the word you used to describe my sketches: “lively” — that is very flattering and makes me stop and think about my work in a different way. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I think they sketches to rather read as a narrative of moments of my life, including quite a few grumpy ones since I often draw myself when I’m feeling otherwise uninspired and grouchy. Maybe I should try to focus on sketching happy me’s for the next few years! Thanks again for taking the time to write! Jana

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Hi Shane. I’m not quite sure what you mean about getting these out of oil painting–they were all done with pencil, ink and watercolor in my journals. The oil paintings are a whole different animal, though I have done several oil painted self-portraits as well. Thanks for taking the time to leave a note. I really appreciate it! Jana

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Jana, I’m always impressed with how disciplined you are. As a result of your fortitude you have amassed a wonderful collection of art/memories. Thank you for sharing this as I know it took time to pull altogether.


Thanks Marian. It’s nice to hear you think I’m disciplined as I tend to think of myself as incorrigible! Sometimes it is a bit of work to put blog posts together but I’m always happy once I do, especially when I get nice responses like yours! Jana

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Dear Jana, Just to say that I love these self portraits that you did. I have only done one of myself, but am now encouraged to do more. The years are piling up as I just turned 71, so I think changes at this age will be many indeed. Anyway, I am so glad that you keep your work coming!! It is so inspirational, and gives much food for thought in the continuing on for one’s own work. God bless, C-Marie


Thank you so much for your kind words. I think it would be amazing to see your self-portraits at 71 and onwards. I find the older I get the more “interesting” my face is to draw, though perhaps not to look at (lol). Thanks for saying my work is inspirational. Makes it worth it to keep posting. I’d so much rather just be drawing and painting than blogging, but hearing from you makes it worthwhile. Thanks for being such a generous reader and commenter on my blog over the years! Jana

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Dear Jana,

You are always such fun. These are keepers and I am putting the whole sheebang into my files since I have only caught some of them, down through the years. Luv luv luv them. Happy Holidays.


Thanks Shirley. I only see bits of myself in them–most are really rather ghastly! I seem to choose to draw self-portraits when I’m in a grumpy mood and they often reflect that. Jana

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Thanks Sue. I considered including a couple of oil painting self-portraits too, but decided they were a different subject, not being sketches in my journals. Jana

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Thanks Wendy! I think it’s my favorite drawing of myself so far but I also really like a couple of oil painting self portraits I’ve done. Jana

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