Montessori Pink Tower and Turnips, oil on linen panel, 10x10 inches

Montessori Pink Tower and Turnips, oil on linen panel, 10×10 inches

This painting was inspired by my neighbor’s childhood Montessori Pink Tower blocks arranged like a little cityscape on his coffee table. I found the blocks irresistible and had to paint them. The turnips I’d bought to cook for dinner seemed like a perfect addition (I know, I’m weird, right?) The painting is available on my Daily Paintworks gallery here.

If you’d like to see my full notes with goals and outcomes for each painting session, you can open this small PDF file.  Life intervened between sessions which made painting from life difficult as you can see in the photos below taken at the beginning and end of the painting process: the turnips had started to sprout and wrinkle.

Studio Lights

I finally found what I think are perfect lights for painting still life. I used this LED 4000K spotlight to light my still life set up and this LED 4000K floodlight clamped to a rafter above my easel to light my canvas. The 4000K lights are a nice middle point between warm and cool colored light bulbs and don’t produce heat that can affect flowers or produce. They also come in warmer colored versions 2800K and 3000K (like incandescent bulbs) as well as cooler  5000K (daylight) versions.

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  1. Jana, Thank you for taking the time to photograph your steps and describe your process as you worked on this painting! It really shows all of the hard work you put into it. And thanks for adding the info about your lighting!


    • Thank you Debbie.I always appreciate and enjoy your process photos too. Your work always inspires me! Jana

      On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Jana Bouc, Artist wrote:



  2. I am always intrigued by your choices of subjects. Thank you for sharing your work and your artistic steps in planning. You are very thoughtful!


    • Hi Marian, Sometimes I wonder about my choice of subjects — I’m sure if I painted more pretty little things I’d sell more, but I have to do what interests me and I’m kind of odd in that department I guess. It’s all about the pleasure in seeing and learning and the process that makes me happy. On the other hand, when someone else enjoys it too, it’s a huge bonus! So thanks for your always welcome and thoughtful comments! Jana

      On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 4:07 AM, Jana Bouc, Artist wrote:



  3. What fun! This is full of humor. Very nice.


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