Found on the Street #1, Candlestick and Apples, oil painting on panel, 8x8" (<a href="">$110 at my DPW Gallery: click here</a>) (Click image to enlarge)

Found on the Street #1, Candlestick and Apples, oil painting on panel, 8×8″ (Click image to enlarge)

This is one in a series of paintings of free stuff and things found on the street during my walks in the Berkeley, California area. The little apples had fallen from a neighbor’s tree and the candlestick was in a free box on the curb. Below are photos of some steps in the work in progress of this painting (which is available to purchase from my Daily Paintworks gallery here) and a couple of cool studio tips too.

I’m finally back to regular painting and posting and so excited about oil painting again after a long stretch of pondering, processing, exploring, questioning, looking outward and inward to discover what it is I want to be doing with my art life. I’m now happily rediscovering my oil painting process after trying on many others. There is so much beautiful art and so many styles and approaches to making it but only so many hours in the day and I want to spend them painting in a way that brings me joy.

In case you’re interested, the adjustable height table that supports my glass palette (made to fit by a glass shop) is this Over Bed Table from Amazon as is this Wooden Cane.  I’d been trying to find a used one in thrift shops for months after reading about Richard Schmid using one as a mahl stick but never found one. It’s nice to have a shiny, new clean one anyway. The shadow box is one I built based on Carol Marine’s directions but I covered some of the white PVC pipes with black tape. The clip on light has a small 5000K LED lamp in it. I’ve tried so many different lights but this is my favorite, from my local hardware store. The easel is a Sorg.

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  1. I always enjoy folloging along a work’s progress, thank you for sharing!

    Greetings from Austria, Lily


  2. It’s so much fun to make something out of “nothing.” Lovely little objects found along the way make a lovely painting. It’s great that you share your art studio & lighting set up. I am working to create a space in my house and your tips are helpful. You are lucky to have a large space to set aside for your painting. I envy that!


    • Thanks so much. I do feel very lucky to have such a comfy space for painting. It was a lot of work to create it and I’m always wanting to make changes and improvements but also always grateful! Jana

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