PiQ Cafe Counter, ink & watercolor, 6x8"

PiQ Cafe Counter, ink & watercolor, 6×8″

PiQ Cafe (Pane Italiano Qualita) serves espresso and bakes pizza and Italian pastries near U. C. Berkeley. It’s a busy place in the evening with lots of sketching opportunities. I got a fabulous Decaf Americano coffee and drew the pastries instead of eating them.

Half Price Books from Inside PiQ Cafe, ink, 8x6"

Half Price Books from Inside PiQ Cafe, ink, 8×6″

My sketch buddies sat at the outdoor sidewalk tables and drew the bookstore across the street but it was too cold and dark out there for me (Cathy’s sketch and Cristina’s sketch). I drew the bookstore too, but from inside the café.

PiQ has a unique restroom arrangement: you carry a metal pitcher attached to a key card into their elevator, take it down to the basement and follow signs around a corridor to the bathroom and then repeat the trip.

Berkeley, Building, Drawing, Ink and watercolor wash, Interiors, Painting, People, Places, Sketchbook Pages, Urban Sketchers
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  1. I love cafes and coffee shops even though I don’t like coffee, but love tea. This makes me so hungry. We live out in the boonies, and it’s a major trip to get to one.


    • I guess there’s always trade-offs. I bet living in the boonies you have much lovelier views than here in the grungy city. We have do have cafes though. With good coffee and tea. It helps. Jana


  2. So beautiful! Love it❤


  3. Wow this one caught my eye! It’s right down the street from my apartment. 🙂 I love your sketches. they’re always so calming and inspiring. I’m not much of an artist myself, but i am a huge fan!


    • Thank you so much! I’m so appreciative you took the time to leave a note. It’s so fun to hear you live right down the street and recognized it. Jana


  4. Great sketches. I think I’d be inside too with your temperatures.


  5. Hey, Jana –
    We really love this!


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