Garbanzo Bean, Dog Portrait in Oil, 10x8"

Garbanzo Bean, Dog Portrait in Oil, 10×8″

I painted this portrait of a dog named Garbanzo Bean from a bad cell phone photo (see below). I’m posting it here for Garbanzo’s owner to see if she’d like me to make any changes before I deliver it.

Preliminary sketch, ink & watercolor, 8x6

Preliminary sketch, ink & watercolor, 8×6

Before I do an oil painting I usually do an ink and watercolor sketch first to try to get the feel of the subject and understand it better. This sketch isn’t a good likeness but it might have captured his feisty spirit even though it portrays him as a much bigger dog than his tiny chihuahua self.

Garbazo's photo

Garbanzo’s photo

Garbanzo is a very cute dog but the photo’s color and detail was funky. His owner’s favorite color is lavender so I made up a lavender wall in her apartment. I hope she likes it!

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  1. I love the way you capture Garbanzo’s expression.


  2. Lovely, Jana!
    I love his kind eyes that you down it as it is in your painting❤


  3. Very cute dog and very good painting🙂


  4. The owner will love this Jana– I KNOW I do!!!!


  5. I especially love the sketch! And like the Doug’s name, too. Your art inspires me.


  6. It certainly looks like you captured his personality!!! And the sketch is pretty dynamic, too!


  7. Oh my goodness… it’s awesome. We love it so much! You totally captured his adorable little face and spirit. Thank you for making my favorite picture of him into something that I can hang on my wall… something I couldn’t do when it was in its original tiny cell phone photo version. You are so talented!


  8. It’s great! I think Garbanzo (what an ace name!) is ready to jump up, wag his tail and give a huge lick!


  9. I think you have captured Garbanzo perfectly. What a cute little dog and beautiful portrait!


  10. Garbanzo bean is beautiful! No chick pea he!


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