Stolen Roses, oil painting on panel, 8x8"
Stolen Roses, oil painting on panel, 8x8"

Stolen Roses, oil painting on panel, 8×8″

There’s a mysterious house on my block that has been empty but well maintained for several years. The mailman delivers mail and the gardening service keeps things nice and neat but I never see anyone go in or out.

Their roses and fruit trees are blooming but there’s nobody home to enjoy them. So I stopped by with my scissors to give the roses a little respect by painting them, even if it means stealing them (as I’ve done before). These were yummy fun to paint!

Flower Art, Oil Painting, Painting, Rose, Still Life
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  1. This is a lovely picture:-)

  2. They look very happy to have been kidnapped!

  3. I’ve just had a very interesting catchup which has involved theft, an enigmatic Asian man, a tow truck, and hungover party peps. What’s next I wonder?!

    Great drawings throughout!

    • I love it! Thanks for putting all the stories together into one crazy collection (my life) (and for taking the time to read everything!) Jana


  5. This beautiful painting is making me look at my own roses differently!

  6. Very nice, Jana! Did you get my email & pictures?

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