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Bull Valley Barn and Cow Studies

View from Bull Valley Trail Staging Area, Crockett, ink & watercolor 5x8"
View from Bull Valley Trail Staging Area, Crockett, ink & watercolor 5×8″

On the road home from the Port Costa adventure in my last post I spotted this barn and pulled off the road (this time actually managing to stay on the pavement!) into the Bull Valley Staging Area parking lot to sketch it.

When I finished I noticed a herd of cows grazing on the hill beside the parking lot and walked over to the fence to sketch them.  As you can see, I know nothing about cows and these gals weren’t holding still for me.

Bull Valley Cow Scribbles, ink 5x8"
Bull Valley Cow Scribbles, ink 5×8″

Then the strangest thing happened. A very old Asian man with very long whiskers and long hair, wearing only loose pants and flip-flops appeared in the cow pasture, walked up the hill through the cows and just kept on going until he disappeared. A guy with a camera was taking pictures of the cows and we looked at each other confused. We tried to figure out his story but could come up with nothing.

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Jana, i have been taking a look at your blog posts and work for some time and i love them. I too am an artist in watercolour painting and landscape plus occasionally do ink work when i get tired of watercolour! Your work has been an inspiration for new ideas for me and i will take on some of your tips when i create my own work. Have you thought about creating a book? My third book is about to be released and was a change from doing the normal paintings as i could add some text to the images which adds depth. Kindest, Jenny


Thank you very much Jenny. Your work is quite lovely. I’ve never been to England but I’ve seen the Cotswalds in one of my favorite shows, Doc Martin. Looks like a very interesting place and your paintings show it off well. Jana


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