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Lake Anza Life Guard On Duty

Lake Anza Lifeguard, ink & watercolor, 5x7"
Lake Anza Lifeguard, ink & watercolor, 5x7"

I took my two favorite 12-year-old girls to Tilden Park for a Friday afternoon outing on a rare sunny day in this horrible summer of fog and wind. My plan was to relax and read on the beach while the girls played in the water and then take them to the carousel and the Little Farm Nature Area.

Sketchy people, Lake Anza
Sketchy people, Lake Anza

After a little picnic the girls gleefully headed into the water, I reached for my book and discovered I’d forgotten it. Fortunately I had my journal so instead of reading a book I drew in one.

More sketchy people
Wrong lifeguard stand and more sketchy people

My first attempt at drawing the lifeguard stand got the perspective all wrong so I used that page for more sketches of people.

The girls were having so much fun in the water, swimming, chatting, and fooling around that I couldn’t get them out until 5:00. I promised that if we have another sunny Friday this summer I’ll take them again. But this time I will remember my book and, if it’s warm enough, my bathing suit!

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