Handsome Guy at Peets, Lamy Safari pen with Carbon Platinum Ink in Moleskine

Handsome Guy at Peet's; Lamy Safari pen, Carbon Platinum Ink in Med. Watercolor Moleskine

I could have reached out and touched his face. But he was so absorbed in his computer he didn’t notice me drawing him at the next table, our knees almost touching. The lady at the table on my other side was watching me and said I captured his likeness perfectly and should show him. I didn’t though, just in case he might not find it flattering. Our own ideas of our appearance often don’t match others’.

Older Guy at Peets, same tools as above

Older Guy at Peet's, same tools as above

This gentleman was sitting at the table after the guy above. I think he might have noticed me sketching but didn’t seem to mind. I think he needed the coffee as he dozed off reading his newspaper at one point. I missed on the shape of his head and just redrew it taller. And then in drawing his large ear lobes I’m afraid my shading there might have made it look like a big hole.

Some fashion victims actually do have big holes in their ear lobes that they intentionally create by inserting devices that gradually stretch them so they look like this. What a weird fad. There are many websites like this one that sell such devices. Why would anyone want to do that?

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  1. These drawings are excellent – often difficult because often one’s subject moves off mid -drawing.


  2. You are right about people who get absorbed in their computers. I draw at the library sometimes, and find the same thing true there. But to get a front view, that is awesome! Most of mine are side or back views.


  3. Jana,
    These are great! Such personality in them!



  4. Wonderful! I love that top guy–so well done! You’ve captured a great expression on the face!


  5. I love the act of sketching in a place like this…bookstores are also good. Your sketches are fresh and full of life. Great!


  6. Great sketches.

    I can’t understand the large holes in ears thing, makes me cringe when I see it so, unlike you, I couldn’t sketch it.


  7. I especially like the top one, what a moody enigmatic portrait. Amazing that he didn’t sense your observation of him, which was obviously rather keen. Must have been really preoccupied — and how fortuitous — so that you could be equally occupied in your drawing. Is fantastic.


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