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Wednesday Night with Hydrangeas and Windows 7

Hydrangea #3, ink and watercolor, 9x6"
Hydrangea in Cow Glass #3, ink and watercolor, 9x6"

I just needed some peaceful time at my watercolor table tonight to unwind. I’ve been admiring this hydrangea that’s been on my dining table in a little cow glass, the last remaining from a bouquet I’d picked. It’s soft pinks and greens were inspiring so I put on a book on CD and sketched and painted and listened to the story unfold.

Above is the third one, drawn first with a Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Superfine and then painted quickly with watercolor.

Below is the second one, painted directly without drawing first except with my brush and paint.

Hydrangea in Cow Glass #2, watercolor
Hydrangea in Cow Glass #2, watercolor

And here is the first one, drawn first with pencil, then I wet the flower area, dropped in different colors and when dry painted a bit over it. This one got a bit overworked but had some nice moments along the way:

Hydrangea in Cow Glass #1, graphite and watercolor
Hydrangea in Cow Glass #1, graphite and watercolor

You can see my notes in my sketchbook about never being able to remember the name of these flowers. I always go through a list of wrong names first and then have to look it up. It’s like the spot on my mental hard drive that once held the name “Hydrangea” has been corrupted and I just can get there anymore. But then I never really learned the name until a few years ago; we always called them “popcorn ball plants” when I was growing up.

I hope the colors look OK. I updated my computer to Windows 7 last night (finishing the final steps this evening) and things look a little different. Windows 7 is fantastic so far and the upgrade process was almost flawless. (Just one glitch with my graphics card driver that got resolved pretty easily.)

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Hi Jana,

Just a note to tell you that I’m enjoying your blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class using a peach, and when I found your blog with the fruit bowl, I thought my students would enjoy seeing a different painting using almost the same techniques they were taught. So, I included it in their Tuesday Morning Extras (an e-mail I send to my Valle of Yellow Creek Art Studio Painters.)

I’m glad you use pictures to decribe your work in progress and the finished painting. This is a good idea and I will try to use this idea more.

Thank you,


Ellene Breedldove Davis

P S Several students have clicked through to your blog.


I love your hydrangeas! I love the different approaches, too. I think the second one is my favorite….I love that you painted it without drawing first!!!

Great way to unwind. I did the same thing, but didn’t come up with anything post-worthy!


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