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The End of Daylight (Savings Time)

Japanese Maple leaves, ink & watercolor
Japanese Maple leaves, ink & watercolor

I celebrate this day each year as a sacred holiday because of the precious gift of an extra hour.  I wait until Sunday to change my clock. Then I pick an hour and spend it consciously, savoring every one of those 60 minutes by doing something especially satisfying.

And then at the end of the hour, if it was a good one, I set the clock back, feeling grateful. If the hour didn’t live up to my expectations, I just pick another hour and try again.

What are you going to do with your shiny new hour?

I wanted to sketch fall colors in honor of halloween and the end of daylight savings even though it’s warm enough here that my roses and hibiscus are still blooming and the grass is green from recent rains. This is a branch from the Japanese maple tree near my front door. It was a gift from my-coworkers in honor of my father’s death, who passed away 9 years ago today.

Update: Instead of picking an hour, I ended up doing it differently: Sunday afternoon I decided I would take a walk and if I timed it right, I could be home before I left. But I’d been having so much fun playing with taking that hour again and again that I didn’t change it on Sunday. I didn’t change it on Monday either, just hung out in the studio still relishing the possibilities. But Tuesday I had to work (from home) and realized I didn’t want another hour of WORK and since I needed to be at the restaurant to sketch at 6:30 I finally changed my clocks. Instead of one free hour though, I probably experienced at least a couple dozen over those three days. Goofy but fun!

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I am glad I read this post this morning. I awoke feeling somewhat depressed…had a toss-and-turn night for various reasons and awoke feeling fractured. I enjoyed looking at your Japanese maple leaves for a long time and thought about picking another hour and trying again. Thanks!


What a beautiful way to look at the time change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live every hour as mindfully as that? Honoring the passage of time, instead of fighting it. How happy we would be!

The painting is lovely and a tribute to the season and to your father.


Unfortunately, I’m too busy on a Sunday morning to do that so I have to change my clock the night before and just get on with it. You’ve a lovely idea though.

The end of summer time makes me sad, actually, as it brings on the long dark early nights of winter. But maybe that’s because I’m not a morning person.


What a beautiful post and watercolor. I especially like the colors of the leaves contrasted with the blue background–a very thoughtful and contemplative time, indeed.


Well, maybe both are true. It’s fun getting an extra hour AND it’s dark soooo early! It’s funny to think about getting an extra hour at the moment the days are getting shorter and shorter. Time is so arbitrary, isn’t it? Jana


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