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Better than Plastic: Blue Glass Water Bottle

Blue Bottles

While eating dinner, reading an art book and drinking water from this bottle I became fascinated by the bottle and had to immediately go paint it. The bottle came from from Trader Joes filled with sparkling water. It makes a great reusable water bottle. I washed off the label and just refill it with filtered tap water and a squirt of lemon from my lemon tree and then refrigerate it.

To avoid buying and throwing away tons of plastic water bottles (you’re not supposed to reuse them because they can’t be cleaned properly) I’ve tried a variety of lexan, Nalgene, and stainless steel water bottles. I like to use this glass bottle at home (it’s too heavy and breakable to be portable) and a Kleen Kanteen stainless steel bottle with a sport cap when I go out.

What did we do for water before water bottles and car cup holders? I guess there were thermoses but those weren’t for water. I remember carrying a large purse to middle school in order to carry my big can of hairspray, but I know I never carried water.

When I was a kid, doctors didn’t recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day like they do now, but they did recommend cigarettes. One cigarette brand ran ads in medical journals with the claim that its cigarettes were “Just as pure as the water you drink.” One of the most infamous cigarette advertising slogans was associated with Camels:”More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.” That ad appeared in medical journals and the popular media for eight years.

About the painting: 6×8″ on Arches cold-press 140 pound watercolor paper in my handmade sketchbook. Mostly Winsor Newton paint plus the bright turquoise on the right side of the big bottle from Kremer Pigments. The funny shadow on the right actually looked like that but it made me happy because it reminded me of the amazing pot and shadow studies, which I adore on Alison’s blog, Scribbles Adagio.

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Luscious loops of paint – we never used to carry water bottles either – but then I thought urine was supposed to be yellow. Now we are told it should be practically colourless! I think I led a dehydrated childhood.

Yes me too! And sunburned as well as we had no sunscreen, just suntanning oil and zinc oxide for the nose (which I now use to paint with!). ~Jana


Haven’t times changed – I have great guilt about plastic bottles, which I do reuse, but must find an alternative too. There’s something about blue glass – maybe just that it’s different – love those swirls and that weird shadow…


Amazing shades of blue into purple and green – I would have snagged this bottle too for a sketch. Yes, what did we do before we paid for drinking water?? I think we rarely drank water and when we did, it was right out of the tap (I still do often) Cigarettes? Don’t get me started.


Sadly, those ghastly fags probably ARE as pure as the water you drink! Look what they add to it!
I re-use plastic bottles;apparently, they are OK provided they are not frozen. But I much prefer the blue glass.Or old green glass.
You took hair spray to school? Wow!You wild child, you!

Yes, we all carried hairspray, needed to keep our big teased-up bouffant hairdoos in place. ~jana


well- regarding the water I drink the water right from the tub – as I did as a child. We have gorgeous water here in Munich – it’s the best in whole Germany because it is not only the highest controlled “food” of everything here but also completely free of any additions such as chlorine. It comes directly from the wells in the Alps. It tastes very good, especially when cooled (which is not really necessary because it is running incredibly cold out of the tub already but I regularly add “fizz” by turning it into soda water with a machine that works with those gas bottles (CO²).

Regarding your sketch – it is lovely and I am sure the shadow is completely correct. I especially like the crop you choose. The bottles have a luscious colour. I love it. Hope you do more of those…glass is simply something fascinating to deal with when connected with some light and reflections etc.

Greetings, Petra

Just reading about your wonderful refreshing water made me go and get my bottle. I didn’t even realize I was thirsty until I read that! ~Jana


Wow, the clarity of your drawing is fantastic, I knew the bottle right away and its a terrific idea for home use. I’ve been working hard on a good solution and you can find a pic now at of a 520 ml take with you water bottle in its recycled bottle bag. Let me know what you think, we’re just starting out, the first bottles will ship in August. Stephanie of Sesen


Aloha……googling blue glass water bottles led me to your beautiful painting actually months ago when I began my new project. And now I google again, researching and I get to experience the beauty of your art once again. My project is finally coming to fruition, beautiful cobalt blue glass drinking bottles made especially for water. Glass is pure and clean and so wonderfully eco-friendly. The blue glass is especially wonderful because you can make Solar Blue Water with it!! This is a Hawaiian cleansing tool used to help one to “let go and let God”. You can read more about it and see the beautiful designs we have sandblasted our bottles with at If you want to lend your painting talents to our bottle, one will be on it’s way to you straight away!! With blessings from MAUI!


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