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New blog: Postcard A Day

I heard a story on NPR about a father who sent his daughter a postcard every day that she was in college — 1,000 all together. They contained random stories about his day, questions and advice. It occurred to me how much that was like blogging (a daily post) except that he was sending actual tangible items through the mail instead of posting them online.

That gave me the idea to do the same, except as an artist (he was a bus driver) I create my own postcards and send the messages to anyone I feel like, whether dead, alive or imaginary. Instead of Googling for answers to questions I send virtual postcards into the blogosphere and channel the wisdom of the recipients to send myself responses. Some days it’s just a “wish you here” note and picture from my world. Other days it might be a dream message. Who knows? Anything goes…

I’m still going to regularly post here on Jana’s Journal (my sketches, plein air paintings and work in progress) but my daily postcards will be on PostcardsaDay.

The picture above was posted it to J. J. Audubon on with this message:

Dear Mr. Audubon,

Why is the robin called “Turdus Migratorius?” Turdus doesn’t sound very nice. And where do they sleep? Do they sleep in nests or just sitting on a branch int he tree? How do they not fall off? Probably the same way we don’t fall off our beds. Or do they sleep on the ground? If they fall out of the tree while they’re asleep do they fly in their sleep?


The very next day I received a message from J. J. Audubon and you can see it now on

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Jana, what a lovely idea, and how great to get an illustrated response straight back. Here small, mostly unidentifiable birds are referred to as LBJ’s – short for Little Brown Jobs – I’m amazed official terminology is Turdus!


Hi Jana, I discovered your blog thanks to Andrea, one of my blogfriends who pointed it out to me:) saying that you like to draw people too, as I do, in the metro.

I love your watercolours and what a great idea to send a daily postcard with an illustration and your musings,

Great work,
greetings from Paris


Oh, Jana! You are one of life’s amazing people. SO much creative, funny, happy stuff spills out of your brain. (I guess that balances all the more sober thoughts I know you sometimes have.)
This postcard scheme is sheer brilliance!And how much tidier than the scrappy notes I write and leave cluttering my house and diary.
I have been wondering what to do to jazz-up my blog and now I think I see a way to do just that.Thanks!

Oh, thanks for telling me that birds get violation chits if they fly while asleep. Who knew?


I always look forward to more of your work, thanks for the link, I have signed up – Love this robin!!


Jana! This is a wonderful idea and equally terrific sketch!! You are amazing, cara … and I wish I were a fly on the wall to watch you create!


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