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More Portrait Swaps: Andy (& Nel again)


Ink & watercolor, Aquabee sketchbook, 12×9″

Andy of “Drawn to Running” emailed me and invited me to do a portrait swap with him. I think he’s quite adorable and looks like someone with a very kind heart. I exaggerated in my sketch of him but had great fun doing the drawing, which was a relief after my struggles in the studio earlier this week.

Here’s his excellent portrait of me: an amazing likeness!:

Andy\'s portrait of me


I’m still working on painting Nel and I’m determined to succeed to capture her image from one particular photo without making her look unattractive, which she most definitely is not! Here is another attempt (3rd of those I did today, the first two not worth posting!).

NEL #6
Ink & watercolor, Aquabee sketchbook, 12×9″

Nel 6

Drawing in Sharpie is great fun. You have to move quickly or it starts to bleed; you can’t erase, just have to redraw the lines. I enjoy this kind of “take a chance and go” drawing and quick painting so much more than careful labored work these days.

10 replies on “More Portrait Swaps: Andy (& Nel again)”

I think these are FABULOUS, Jana!!! There is a bit of caracature in each of these that is utterly charming!! I really love the fun in them –!!!!!


Hi Jana: I am liking “me” more and more! Can you give the link to Andy’s portrait of you again, I couldn’t get there, and want to see it. Thanks!

Thanks Nel. I fixed it — posted the picture instead of the link.
~ Jana


Thanks for the update on the haunted house 😉 Am loving these portraits too – saw them on the portrait party and was SOOOOO impressed 🙂


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