Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

Thanksgiving After Dinner Sketch, ink & watercolor

Thanksgiving After Dinner Sketch, ink & watercolor

Most of the year my sister Marcy’s dining room is her art studio, and the table is full of art projects in process. For thanksgiving dinner she graciously hauled all of her studio stuff into the spare room and set a beautiful table for ten, complete with grandma’s china, table cloth and candles. When dinner was over the table’s real purpose called out to me and I sketched and painted by the warm glow of the candles.

The next day in honor of our turkey feast, I painted wild turkeys from photos I’d taken last summer on an evening walk in Tilden Park.

Turkey, oil on panel, 6x6"

Turkey, oil on panel, 6x6"

I started with oils but found it frustrating, especially on the small panel (above) so I switched to ink and watercolor in my sketchbook (below).

Tilden Park Turkey, ink & watercolor

Tilden Park Turkey, ink & watercolor

The turkey guy above was strutting his stuff, showing off for a lady turkey. When she ignored him and wandered off down the path, turkey dude and his buddy followed behind, shaking their tail feathers, still trying to get her attention.

Stayin Alive' Turkey Walk

Stayin' Alive Turkey Trot

I imaged the turkey dudes strutting to the song “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees that starts with:

“Well you can tell by the way I use my walk.
I’m a woman’s man; no time to talk…”

OMG! Those tightie whitie pants! Here’s last year’s Thanksgiving Leftovers post (same table).

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving 2009, ink and watercolor

Leftover turkey leg, ink and watercolor, Sketchbook 2009 Vol. 6 Page 1

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with so much to be grateful for. We had a delicious home-cooked dinner with a turkey barbecued and smoked with cherry wood. Per tradition, I brought a big salad and as usual it remained uneaten. After dinner Rob played piano with Marcy on accordion in her former dining room (now art and music room), Tim dozed in front of a football game while Sophie and I sat at the art table where I did this sketch to start off a new sketchbook.

Later, when Bob the cat began playing piano (he jumps on it with a crash then walks across it repeatedly and hisses at you threateningly if you try to remove him) it seemed a good time to depart. We were all tired, happy and full, and called it a great day. (Best not to mess with Bob — he’s sent at least one person to the emergency room!)

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