Mx. Moon, Imaginary Society Lady

Mx. Moon from Sktchy, graphite on paper, 10×8″

Mx. Moon’s photo on Sktchy (here) led me to imagine I was drawing a distinguished, fine society lady from the 1800s or would it be 1900s? Or 1940s? I don’t know what era, but the photo transported me to another time.

I originally was referring to her as Ms. Moon but then noticed on Sktchy their pronouns were they/them so I had to look up the appropriate honorific and it’s Mx. I learned something new. (On Sktchy they go by simply “Moon”). I hope they don’t mind that I’m referring to them as a society “lady.”

This wasn’t too hard to draw because for once the reference photo wasn’t a distorted selfie, although the angle of her head with the camera far below her face, looking up made it an interesting challenge.

Digital art Faces People Portrait Procreate on iPad

Sktchy and a 16th Century Flemish Lady

I tried several times to draw Alexa, a young woman I found on the Sktchy app, whose photo (below, top left) reminded me of the 16th century Flemish paintings of women. None of my sketches are great but it was fun trying to draw her as one of those ladies. All done on Procreate on the iPad.