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Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas

Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas, watercolor, 9x6"
Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas, watercolor, 9×6″

In honor of Independence Day I spent the day quite independently, doing a little gardening, a little cooking, and then starting the first of a series of  autobiographical paintings in acrylic on canvas.

I skipped the picnics and fireworks (except for hearing them boom in the distance and having to comfort my stressed out cats, and again just now, after 11:00 p.m., they’re illegally exploding  somewhere in my neighborhood). So I thought I’d sketch these agapanthas that looked a bit like fireworks exploding over the hydrangeas.

I like the idea of celebrating independence day with flowers rather than the sound of “bombs bursting in air” anyway.