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Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas

Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas, watercolor, 9x6"
Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas, watercolor, 9×6″

In honor of Independence Day I spent the day quite independently, doing a little gardening, a little cooking, and then starting the first of a series of  autobiographical paintings in acrylic on canvas.

I skipped the picnics and fireworks (except for hearing them boom in the distance and having to comfort my stressed out cats, and again just now, after 11:00 p.m., they’re illegally exploding  somewhere in my neighborhood). So I thought I’d sketch these agapanthas that looked a bit like fireworks exploding over the hydrangeas.

I like the idea of celebrating independence day with flowers rather than the sound of “bombs bursting in air” anyway.

5 replies on “Agapantha Fireworks over Hydrangeas”

We detest fireworks Chez Dinahmow! But we love Agapanthus!I’ve had to move mine to pots( too much root competition from palms) and I’m not sure they’ll flower this year.


My gardener tried to get me to get rid of all the agapanthi (sp?) because the snails love them and hide in there, but I just love those crazy purple flowers and they grow like wild here, take lots of abuse and seem to be happy no matter what I do (my kind of plants!). Jana


Gorgeous, Jana – and way better than fireworks. Agapanthus is my husband’s absolute favorite flower. They have them all over in Brittany (hydrangeas too). I actually like fireworks, but I admit that they’re stupid.


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