Apple, Lemon and Turquoise Cup, oil on panel, 10x8"

Apple, Lemon and Turquoise Cup, oil on panel, 10×8″

I painted this a couple of months ago and I’m finally getting around to posting it. I was focusing on composition and just having some fun with color. and shapes. The gray/black stair-step shape in the back is styrofoam packing material. Below are the steps in the process of the painting.

Oil Painting, Painting, Still Life
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  1. I love it, Jana. The cup is gorgeous. I like the contrast of the gray neutrals with the bright colors. Your shadows across both colored colored cloths are spot on. I really feel like you got light on your subjects. I think studying with Camille Przewodek is really evident in this still life!


  2. Hurrah! I found a place to comment! I had been looking in the wrong place.
    The painting is absolutely beautiful Jana! Ans I really like your blog too :0)


  3. Beautiful works. Do you have classes?
    Thank you,
    Susie pfau


    • Susie, so sorry to have missed replying to your kind comment. Thank you! And no, sorry, I’m not currently teaching but really appreciate your asking.


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